Rehab At Care Home

At a care home, we can provide active rehabilitation on an individual basis or maintenance therapy, including Seating and postural management, moving and handling assessment and management using of various types of transfer equipments.

We have extensive knowledge in disability management using exercise/stretches, positioning, use of splint and other support. If you are someone who has been transferred to a nursing home from hospital after a recent illness or surgery, and your aim is to go back to your own home in the future, our therapy service can facilitate your functional recovery and transfer back to your own home.

We are able to work around the local NHS therapy service whilst you are on waiting list or receiving less intensity from NHS therapy team.

We can be contracted by care home to provide rehabilitation or regular maintenance therapy on individual basis or to run a group programme. We also provide training on Falls prevention, Posture and seating, moving and handling for complex patients. 

We work closely with specialised seating companies like care flex, Invacare, seating matters in posture/seating assessment and management. 


*Benefits for care home
– Improved mobility and other daily functions, reduced falls, reduced moving and handling issues for staff, improved positioning and pain management, improved standard of care. We can complement the service provided by the local NHS to improve functional abilities of residents who have deteriorated or recently discharged from hospital after illness/ injury. We contribute to the care plan/review, which will enhance the standard of care provided and CQC ratings.

*What it means for family members
– Improved quality of life of your loved ones. Free assessment and consultation can be provided if you are unsure about the potential for rehabilitation. 

Our services at care home can include: 

  • Mobility and transfer practise
  • Pain management
  • Individual and group exercise/activity classes         
  • Falls prevention and management                            
  • Communication, swallowing assessment and management
  • Training provision for staff (falls prevention, communication and dysphagia)
  • Posture and seating assessment and advice
  • Home visit and assessment, if the client is returning home

Longfield Integrated Care Centre
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Main Road,
Longfield, Kent,

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Home visits: We cover Essex, Havering, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest

Clinic Base: Longfield Integrated care centre, (Longfield Poly Clinic) Longfield, Kent, DA3 7PJ.

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Longfield Integrated Care Centre
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I was waiting for Physiotherapy from NHS after the back surgery, but you saw me immediately and filled the gap. The timely advice you gave on using electrical simulation for foot, back care and exercises helped me to walk again with reduced foot drop and back pain. When the NHS Physiotherapist started therapy, he was happy to see me already improving and doing right things after the surgery. Now I am back to driving my taxi


Thanks for seeing my mother the same day of the referral, she is happy to start walking again


Thanks for helping to manage my pain and inactivity- I was not walking or exercising due to my pain from fIbromyalgia. With your help I manage my pain better using TENS and exercises, and I feel positive


Thank you for providing a responsive and quality service


You are a good teacher, I learnt a lot on how to manage my husband's symptoms


Thanks for your support. You are great in your approach. You will be the Physio for my whole family, whenever we needed
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