Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.  

How can Physiotherapist help?
All our Physiotherapists are registered members of Health and Care Professional Council, and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( 

We have team of Physiotherapists specialising in various areas.

The specialities include

  • Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Care of Elderly and Falls Prevention
  • We also work closely with Physiotherapist specialising in Musculoskeletal, Learning discability and cardio respiratory conditions (please contact us for details)

    Physiotherapy interventions can include:

    • Strength, flexibility, co-ordination, endurance and balance training
    • Mobility and transfer practise
    • Posture re-education   
    • Tone management
    • Pain management – Acupuncture, Mobilisation and Taping
    • Functional electrical training (FES)
    • Exercise prescription and fitness training
    • Fatigue management
    • Breathlessness management
    • Falls, osteoporosis, injury prevention and management
    • Mobility aids, splints and orthotics 

      How can our Occupational therapist help?

      Our Occupational Therapists work with individuals who suffer from physical, developmental, mental and/or emotional conditions which prevent them from fully caring for themselves, accessing their homes, and being part of the community around them.  Occupational Therapists help improve basic motor functions, activities of daily living, self-care skills and reasoning abilities, and assist to compensate for permanent loss of function.

      All our Occupational Therapists (OT‘s) are experts in assisting people to enhance their quality of life by maximising independence and personal productivity. We work with you to develop a tailored plan to ensure you reach your maximum functional ability and are safely reintegrated into your community.

      Occupational Therapy programme may include:

      • Assessment and treatment to maximise independent living skills such as personal care and domestic skills
      • Community reintegration including public transport training and return to leisure based activities
      • Home modification assessments
      • Equipment prescription such as wheelchairs and adaptive equipment
      • Upper limb assessment and treatment (includes hand splinting etc)
      • Cognitive rehabilitation including memory, planning and organising
      • Posture and seating assessments and intervention
      • Return to work and vocation based activities.


      We offer a free of charge, no obligation consultation over the telephone to support you in making decision about your rehabilitation needs.


      If you require any information or treatment outside of our expertise, we will be happy to signpost you to other relevant agencies..

      HOW TO BOOK:
      We accept self referrals, referrals from family/carers, health and social care professionals, case managers/solicitors and nursing homes. To discuss the referral or book an appointment, please email or call 07723332426 / 02039835146.

      How can our Speech therapist help?

      Speech and Language Therapists provide assessments and intervention for adults with communication and swallowing difficulties resulting from acquired neurological or long-term conditions or because of learning disabilities. We work in partnership with Unlocking Language ltd ( to provide multidisciplinary approach at home or care home and clinic base.

      The treatment includes functional and impairment based therapeutic approaches. Our therapy techniques include computer based programmes and ipad apps, trophical electrical stimulation for facial palsies/weaknesses, voice treatment LSVT for Parkinson’s disease, facial oral tract techniques, PROMPT approach for speech disorders. Our Therapists are registered members of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Private Practise.

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        I was waiting for Physiotherapy from NHS after the back surgery, but you saw me immediately and filled the gap. The timely advice you gave on using electrical simulation for foot, back care and exercises helped me to walk again with reduced foot drop and back pain. When the NHS Physiotherapist started therapy, he was happy to see me already improving and doing right things after the surgery. Now I am back to driving my taxi


        Thanks for seeing my mother the same day of the referral, she is happy to start walking again


        Thanks for helping to manage my pain and inactivity- I was not walking or exercising due to my pain from fIbromyalgia. With your help I manage my pain better using TENS and exercises, and I feel positive


        Thank you for providing a responsive and quality service


        You are a good teacher, I learnt a lot on how to manage my husband's symptoms


        Thanks for your support. You are great in your approach. You will be the Physio for my whole family, whenever we needed
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